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We at MARBOOM Corporation are proud producing
our "FIRST Response" Program just for you!
Years of research & development has resulted in an exceptional
product that is as environmentally friendly as the service it provides! 
The New MARBOOM "FIRST Response" Program
has been developed to protect our community from oil spills and serve our environment as the best response boom equipment.  There has been no compromise on design, quality or workmanship, and MARBOOM is the most practical and economical system available today.

Our commitment is to produce a high quality product and to
become your provider for the most cost-effective small and medium size Oil Spill Containment & Protection Boom systems in the industry.

We are devoted to develop smart industrial design solutions,
improving function and performance at a lower cost. 

That's our forte!

Our innovative solution means: 
Much shorter response time..., Much less weight to handle...,
Much less transportation cost...,
Much less space required for storage... ,
100% recyclable material..., No need of expensive machineries...

Read more at  "Just the Facts", Great Savings, Recycling, NEWS.....

Our product has US and international Patents
Ask for National and International sales distribution programs.

The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”