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Deployment of the boom:
A tender-boat is ideal when deploying the boom.  One end of the boom should be firmly attached to the tender-boat, before it is pulled out and then inflated at the same time.  Before deployment,
the other end of the boom, in the box, has to be secured to a fix object at the shoreline, pier, tree etc., with a long line that the personal in the tender boat can be VARNED in time that the end of the boom is soon out.  The boom MUST be let out controlled from the box over the protection sheet. 

Recovering the boom's
Repacking can be done after that the boom has been laid out on a flat surface until the air has escaped the boom.  Quicker is to roll it up on a reel.  The third option is to mangle, squeeze out the air.  For more information
call us.

The MARBOOM Corporation, can under NO circumstances, at any time, be held responsible for unsuccessful deployment, handling, of any form of use and mismanagement and handling of the boom.  MARBOOM Corporation can also not be held responsible for the result from using the booms good or bad.  Anyone deploying or inflating, using, the MARBOOM "FIRST Response" booms, is fully responsible for the result, however, the outcome will be after deployment and later.

MARBOOM Corporation reserves the right for manufacturing changes of the products in design use of material etc., also for changes of all types of published information at any time.
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