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Clean Environment.
Have you ever seen the devastation of an oil spill?  If you have not consider yourself lucky because it is not a pretty site.  All around you will find marine life of all kinds (e.g. mammals as otters, birds, fish and all the micro biology, etc.)  SLATHERED IN OIL. 
They can barely move, and with the waters around them completely contaminated by oil, their demise is slow and extremely painful, freezing to death.
  The long-term effects on the ecosystems in which these spills occur can be devastating, some taking years to recover, some never able to fully recover.
It is imperative that, we caretakers of our planet, react to these types of catastrophes immediately.  While no one wants to put a price on "Mother Nature," it is a fact of our society that some entity will be found accountable and will have to pay. 
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The MARBOOM "FIRST Response" program has been developed with cost-effectiveness in mind and designed to react with extreme expediency, so that a spill will create as little damage to the  ecosystem and low cost as possible.  This is the vision that has led our organization to become pro-active and invented the MARBOOM System for this purpose.

The environmentally friendly, reusable and 100%-Recyclable, material emits NO toxic and harmful chemicals or gases, when disposed, composed or burned.  The LDPE (4)-material can better be sold back to the industry and be part of millions of other product.  The chain can be reused when inserted into a new MARBOOM Replacement plastic, semi-assembled boom, and thereby significantly savings are made for yourself and the nature. 

IF you are not interested in installing the chain yourself, you will be credited for it when buying a new boom....give us a call!

Best of all, MARBOOM System are a low investment system, made of durable, flexible, and recyclable PE-material, and it is as environmentally friendly as the service it offers.
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”