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Great Savings   
Cost Saving Facts:
1. Low product cost.
2. Quick and east deployment and retrieval. 
3. Few personal needed to operate.
4. Expensive and cumbersome accessories not needed.
5. Practical to stow and friendly to transport.  Costs minimized.

Economical due to small packaging boxes containing long lengths of the boom.  A pallet box 48"x 40"x 36" (122x 102x 92 cm.) holds up to 2000 ft. (600 meter).
Any vessel can carry large lengths of MARBOOM and be ready for a quick first response when needed.

MARBOOM is made of a durable 100% recyclable, 1st grade refundable LDPE Polyethylene that can also be sold back to the industry, as the LDPE(4) plastic can be used for production of other PE-products or be used for heating purpose, as it is an 100% oil product.  It burns exceptionally clean. 

The chain, Hot-Dip galvanized, is reusable, refundable, with MARBOOM replacement plastic and you will be credited when ordering a new MARBOOM.  Se below 12.

The most economical handling after use, when dirty and smeared with oil is to separate clean parts of the boom to be used for smaller jobs, and recycle dirty parts.  The chain is to be reused.  Se 9 & 12.

The overall low cost of MARBOOM does not make it economically feasibly to pay the high costs for a cumbersome cleaning and repacking of the boom.  The cost to clean any traditional boom is higher than the cost of a new MARBOOM.

We also sell MARBOOM semi-assembled! 
All you need is to install the chain and fix it to the plastic "do-it-yourself".  The MARBOOM replacement plastic, semi-assembled, boom, comes with a chain installment line and with practical fixation clips.  All designed for quick and easy installment.
You save tremendously in freight cost, which is especially interesting for foreign countries, who additionally save a lot in lower import duties of this semi-assembled product.  All you need is a 1/4" or 6,5- 7mm chain. 
"It's a winner!"  Give us a call for more information.

The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”