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Just the Facts   

HIGH PERFORMANCE - SUPERIOR WAVE CONFORMANCE - The remarkable buoyancy to weight ratio and the air chamber system, allows the MARBOOM to conform to choppier waves riding the waves smoothly, high & freely and is pliant due to its flexible material and high buoyancy to weight ratio.  It is compact and lightweight, therefore quick and easy to transport, prepare, deploy and retrieve with few personal, from land or vessel, in its entire length or quickly cut to required length for immediate use. The rapidity and ease of handling is invaluable, as time is the most important factor, when battling an oil spill.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Unlike any other product on the market, MARBOOM is inflated through one single integrated air distribution channel that rapidly fills all the chambers along its entire length.  The air (low pressure), gets trapped in the air chambers by gravity, making MARBOOM exceptionally quick and easy to manage as there are NO costly and cumbersome valves to open and close.

100 % RECYCLABLE - MARBOOM is the only boom that can be completely sold back to the industry for recycling or be burned for heating, reducing your total cost considerably.  At all times, the great energy content of the LDPE material (=100% oil) can be used safely.  Every public waste management organizations welcome LDPE materials. 

Recycling of the chain... give us a call, or make an easy "do-it-yourself" installation of the chain into a new MARBOOM
RECYCLING - Get refunded when recycling the MARBOOM material.
See recycling.

The PE-material does not emit any toxic gases or harmful chemicals when stored, recycled, disposed of, or burned.  The products are 100% recyclable resulting in a product that is at all times as environmentally friendly as the services it provides. 
See Environment.

MARBOOM "FIRST Response" Program has the most cost effective "Oil Spill Containment and Protection Booms" available on the market.  The cost of new MARBOOM products is lower than the cleaning cost of any other same size booms,  GUARANTEED!... and the total cost, including shipping and handling and storage, is only fractions of the costs of other booms. 
MARBOOM is also offered semi-assembled for quick and easy "do-it-yourself" installation of the chain.

BUOYANCY - The air filled chambers and the buoyant PE material provides for an exceptionally positive buoyancy-to-weight ratio
(23 for Freeboard 8" and 38 for FB10"), making the free-board float significantly higher than other traditional same size booms.

MANY USES - MARBOOM is ideal for containing oil and floating debris in lakes, rivers and streams, marinas, harbors, along sandy- and rocky shore lines, inner coastal areas.  Also, offshore when the weather cooperate.  It protects environmentally sensitive coastlines from oil spills and makes bunkering of vessels in harbors risk free at a low cost.

1 To inflate MARBOOM a standard air (leaf) blower is required.
2 A work-boat is useful to pull out the boom from any shoreline, pier or vessel.
3 MARBOOM is to be inflated at the same time it is pulled out.
4 Any boom lengths can easily be transported and quickly deployed.  
5 A large amount of MARBOOM can easily be carried in a backpack.
6 To be used in waves up to 3 ft. (90cm.)
7 MARBOOM is a containment boom, NOT an absorbing boom.
8 MARBOOM can be used multiple times.
9 Two booms can easily be shackled together (by the chain).
10 The boom can simply be cut to any length with a scissor and a bolt-cutter (chain).
11 MARBOOM black is specially formulated for permanent long-term installations.
12 When towed at a speed of 5- 7 knots MARBOOM should be inflated, 1/2 full.
13 MARBOOM turbidity barrier used by water construction sites.
14 When submersed and inflated it rises quickly to the surface in its full-length.
15 If the boom need additional air it can easily be filled from either side.

When retrieving, the easiest way to deflate MARBOOM it is to roll it up on a reel or just let the boom lei flat on a lawn or pier and the air will leave the system automatically.

SHIPPING & PACKAGING - MARBOOM is compact and delivered flat, "Ribbon" Z-packed in handy 2 or 3 ply recyclable carton boxes or in various types of plastic or steel, bins, containers and pallet boxes for larger quantities.  MARBOOM is exceptionally easy to ship due to the compact volume.  When others make shipments in 20' or 40' freight containers, MARBOOM is packed in a pallet or two for the equivalent size and length.
See packaging units.
STORAGE - MARBOOM requires minimal storage space and is convenient to stow on the deck of a vessel for immediate use.  A pallet box 48"x 40"x 36" (122x 101x 91cm) holds between 400- 800 meter or 1300- 2600ft., depending on type of MARBOOM. 

WEIGHT - The low boom weight, with standard 1/4" hot-dip galvanized chain, 0.77- 0.90 lb/ft. (1.15 - 1.34 kg/meter) depending of type of boom, is a decisive factor for simple handling.  MARBOOM is packed air tight which extends its long storage life further. 

MATERIAL - The highest quality durable LDPE Polyethylene film, UV-stabilized, specifically made for heavy-duty applications is used.  Properties such as: to
ughness, pliability, puncture resistance (dart impact), tear, tensile strength, as well as elongation are all represented in the data sheet.  All Booms and packaging material are 100% recyclable. See material.

Manufacturing and quality control is held to the highest standard.  Capacity: approximately 6000 ft. / day.

Air pumps handheld or free standing, backpack, blowers are needed to inflate MARBOOM.  Other air sources also possible.  A backpack blower is recommended for long booms.
Other accessories:  shackles, lines, anchors, bolt cutters, etc. are available.  Different chain sizes available upon request.
See accessories.
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”