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Erosion Booms   

2.00 - Practical and handy erosion booms in small packages are all quickly deployed.  The MARBOOM erosion booms, presented below, covers a vast area of use.  All erosion booms are as all MARBOOM products 100 % recyclable.

2.01 - Construction Barrier:
These booms are designed to contain rough floating debris with Skirts up to 40" (1 meter) and in any length.
If longer skirts are needed consider, then the Turbidity Barrier.

2.02 - Turbidity Barrier: 
This Barrier is ideal where erosion is a problem for a clean surrounding environment. Important is that the depth of the skirt allows the chain to rest on the sea bed.  This barrier can also be used in slow streams as it is equipped with openings, approximately 12" (30 cm) under the water surface.  
This Barrier is available in lengths up to 200' (60 meter) with skirt heights up to 200" (60 meter).

2.03 -
Silt Containment Barrier: 
The Silt Barrier contains silt the best way when placed as locks in a stream, in 1, 2 or 3 steps. It is available with different depth of the skirt.  Please contact us with specification about your erosion situation that we can provide the best solution. 
We need information as water depth, current speed, type of silt and estimated size of the silt particles and where it will be used.

See Specifications "Booms & Barriers".
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