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Other Barrier   

4.00 -
MARBOOM is versatile.
4.01 - Aqua-Golf Barrier: 
Driving ranges with "Floater Balls"...  Why not?
This excellent profit-maker makes it possible for recreational areas, fairgrounds, community and resort attractions, golf clubs located by water to have their own water driving range.  Surround the entire driving range area with an Aqua-Golf Boom to keep all floater balls together.  Everybody enjoys the "Plop" sound that means superb golf praxis and good money for the water-golf owner.  We can supply the boom with corporate advertising.  For mooring the boom our anchors make the perfect fit as it can compensate for wind and current changes.

4.02 - Clean Hull Barrier: 
This revolutionary product keeps the hull of your boat clean from seaweed, algae and barnacles that grow hard onto the boat's hull, propeller, etc...  Surround the moored boat with a boom and let the boom do the job not letting all the growth takes place.  This works as the Boom keeps the UV rays from reaching the hull.  When you want to go boating just open the double folded aft part and back slowly out from your "Boat Garage".

4.03 -
Swim Area Barrier: 
This Swim Area Barrier ideally encloses the swim area assigned for smaller children.  It makes the children feel safer while it works as a barrier keeping dirt, jellyfishes and other creepy things out.  It also keeps the inside water warmer.  All children activities within the 'fenced" area can then easier be controlled by guarding people.
4.04 - Diver Area Barrier: 
Many times the diving flag is not enough to signal that diving activities are taking place.  Having boats unexpectedly passing over a divers heads is frightening.  This can better be eliminated when using the MARBOOM or the "Marker Buoy". 
(See other products).

4.05 - Advertising Boom: 
MARBOOM advertising boom makes it possible to promote your company, product or service on water at various water sport events!  The Advertising Boom can ideally be used as a barrier dividing up areas to separate activities, etc.  Different Boom colors and sizes available, printed with your logo or message in 1 to 4 color print.  Please contact us for more information.  Environmental sponsors can have their logo on ordinary oil spill booms.
See Specifications "Booms & Barriers".
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”