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Other Products   

5.00 - We have developed further interesting new products and if we can be to your service with products of large size PE-film material that you are interested in having manufactured, please let us know.

5.01 - Marker Buoy (Tetrahedron Shape):  Ideal for various activities as: sailing  races, diver location, navigation ways, explorations, anchor marker, etc. This  Marker buoy is easy to deploy with an air blower, engine exhaust or a divers  expel air.  It comes with a mooring grommet and an open valve to compensate  for air expansion though not loosing air (patented). It comes in 3 different sizes  and is exceptionally favorable in price.  

5.02 -
Rescuing Sign:  In case of an emergency at sea this innovative MARBOOM rescuing sign will help air rescuing forces find you when drifting around in a life-  jacket or life-raft.  This is a must for all boaters especially all blue water sailors.   The sign will automatically inflate itself and roll out to a giant yellow floating sign  when entering the water.  The sign is to be attached to the person or life-raft  before entering the water.

5.03 -
Canoe:  As a toy this innovative floating devise can be a lot of fun.  It can also  be the last resource safety device for someone in a distress situation.  For trucks  and cars it can be used to contain leaking oil, as this function it can serve to  contain other liquids and hazardous materials.

5.04 - Slide:
  Kids can really have lots of fun wherever you have a slope in your garden, to a lake or the sea.

5.05 -
Pool Heating Blanket:  This environmentally swimming blanket heats your  pool effectively from the sun, rising the water temperature and therefore  prolonging the pool season.
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”