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Packaging units   

9.00 - We offer almost any possibility to pack the "FIRST Response" Booms in practical sizes and types of corrugated boxes, plastic containers and on reels, to minimize size for transportation and storage. 
The weight of the standard booms are approximately 0.7 Lb/ft. (1.05 kg/Meter) including a 1/4"- chain and LDPE plastic (industrial thickness).
Technical Information.

9.01 - Corrugated 2 or 3 play Boxes:
All booms are ribbon-packed in an additional  PE-bag.  Long lengths of booms fits in small packaging units.  More information. 
The length, of boom that can be packed in various boxes see
Shipping sizes. 

9.02 - Containers: 
When stored outside or on deck of a vessel, our w
eather resistant, our various standard containers in heavy-duty plastic or metal containers are offered, holding quantities from 100- ~3000 feet. (30- ~900 meter) or more.  Please let us know which type of container suites your needs.  More information.

9.03 -
Reels:  (manual or hydraulic).
This new item that comes in various sizes, is ideal to ship and roll up shorter lengths of boom after use.  More information.

"MARBOOM - 1st Response Box"
(3 Ply) corrugated pallet Box, 48x 40x 36" (122x 102x 91 cm)
holds between
1300 - 2600 ft. (400 - 800 meter) Boom
That means 550' - 350' /10 Cub. ft. (600 - 400 meter/m3).
Click here for more information.
All MARBOOM "FIRST Response" Booms
as well as all packaging material is
100 % recyclable.
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”