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To be prepared for an eventual oil spills is essential!

Time - is precious, the most important factor that NOT may be lost, wasted, when fighting an oil spill.
A response team can first be successful, when equipped with sufficient boom material that is light, quick, and easy to handle. It is important to establish boom material de
pots at areas with potential risk as where heavy shipping traffic takes place near the coast, in harbors and marinas and along the inner-coastal ways.

When traditional boom are used, the transportation of these booms to
an oil spill sight will most likely arrive much too late to be of any greater value for the cleanup, due to the bulkiness and all additional machines needed for deployment.

When equipped with sufficient MARBOOM "FIRST RESPONSE" booms on-board any vessels (Coast Guard and others), an oil spill can be combated very quick.  The effectiveness by reducing the time is even greater when boats, ships in general carry an MARBOOM "FIRST Response" boom on-board as they then can handle eventual oil spills rapidly and effectively themselves.

Never forget that...  The rapidity and ease of handling is invaluable, as
time is the most important factor when battleing an oil spill.

The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”