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Help keep the environment clean and get refunded!

Recycling of the LDPE (4) plastic material:

The environmentally friendly LDPE (4)*-plastic and other materials used in and around all MARBOOM "FIRST Response" booms, barriers, packaging boxes, and reels, etc. are all 100 % recyclable. 
*  The SPI resin identification coding system.

A great number of companies accept used plastic material such as used in MARBOOM, which generates a great refund, as it will be reused to new products or burned for heating as the PE material is a 100% oil based product.

Information about our favorable refund plan
for chain and plastic, call 727-565-1355.  Or find your local, closest, plastic product manufacturer using Polyethylene over the internet by visiting following web pages:

"North American Plastic Recycling Network".
The USA:   http://www.recyclingplasticwaste.com/recyclers/usa/ldpe/
Canada:   http://www.recyclingplasticwaste.com/recyclers/canada/ldpe/

  Following companies uses LDPE4 plastic:
1. Community Waste Depots. 
2. Waste Management Companies.
3. Plastic recyclers.  Collecting all types of plastic materials for recycling. 
4. Manufacturers of injection molded plastic products. 
5. Manufacturers of extruded plastic products. 
Industries using intensive heat to produce their products. (Concrete, Asphalt etc.)

Recycling of the Chain:

Regarding the chain... give us a call, or make an easy "do-it-yourself" installation of the chain into a new MARBOOM replacement, semi-assembled, boom.  For long chains we recommend that you return the used chain and we will credit you for it when buying a new MARBOOM. 

The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”