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Shipping - Storage   
Due to the low weight and small volume MARBOOM is exceptionally cost effective regards to shipping and storage.  MARBOOM makes airfreight shipping a bargain for any quantity. 
When competition uses shipping containers (20' or 40' freight containers, trailers), we only need pallets for the same size and length of boom. 
A Triple Wall Box" 48"x 40"x 36" (122x 101x 91cm) can hold between 1300- 2600ft. (
400- 800 meter)
depending on type of MARBOOM.  An example is that the total cost of MARBOOM and freight can be as low as just the transportation cost of a same size traditional boom.

MARBOOM  requires minimal storage space in a warehouse or outdoor. 
It can now be conveniently stowed on a deck of a vessel, at marinas and harbors for immediate first response use.
A large amount boom material fits in small boxes and pallet-boxes that saves valuable storage space. 
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”