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MARBOOM "First  Response"
shows its superior performance at its first official presentation, the SFT "Staten's forurensnings-tilsyn" (Oil Response Research Dept., Norway) in 1998.  SFT is the leading research and testing authority in Scandinavia for oil response equipment.  MARBOOM was tested under variations in paramount factors such as oil emulsion, oil quality, wave size, current strength and temperature.
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AlphastfN01.jpg (82326 bytes)
1. Checking the boom
before deployment.
AlphastfN02.jpg (109231 bytes)
2. The flotation
chambers always fold
against the  current.
AlphastfN03.jpg (76231 bytes)
3. 100% of the
freeboard floats over
the oily water surface.
AlphastfN04.jpg (141196 bytes)
4. Evaluating
performance in mild to 
strong current.
AlphastfN05.jpg (140264 bytes)
5. The boom rides
approximately 20"
(50cm) high waves.
AlphastfN06.jpg (128947 bytes)
6. All surface oil is
contained in
28"  (70 cm) high waves.
AlphastfN08.jpg (82061 bytes)
7. No air is lost when
one flotation chamber
is  punctured.
AlphastfN09.jpg (120665 bytes)
8. No air is lost in the
other  flotation
AlphastfN11.jpg (116010 bytes)
9. No oil passed the
punctured boom in
higher waves.
AlphastfN13.jpg (111019 bytes)
10. No oil passed by
also with 3 punctured
flotation chambers.
AlphastfN14.jpg (164471 bytes)
11. Punctured
performance in 20"
(50 cm) high waves.
AlphastfN15.jpg (127555 bytes)
12. All qualities
proved the credibility
of the system.
The Yellow Boom that's "GREEN"!  100% Recyclable!
MARBOOM... protecting our delicate environment...

Our philosophy:   "the simpler the better”